Our Team

Eric Bakken


My name is Eric Bakken. I was born and raised in Minnesota now living in Washington state. I joined the United States Army at 20 years old. I have a wonderful wife named Nikki and a beautiful daughter named Finnley. Finnley is named after my best friend (Eric Finniginamm) who was killed in Afghanistan our first tour in 2009. I served in the army for almost 8 years as a 11B infantry. During that time, I deployed several times for operation enduring freedom along with attending schools and holding most leadership positions in an infantry line platoon. I left the Army in 2015 to pursue my dream of growing The Fallen Outdoors to its full potential. TFO started back in 2009 on a top of a remote outpost in Afghanistan. From there 3 soldiers SSG John Bates, Spc Eric Finniginamm and Spc Eric Bakken saw it through. Year after year we grew and expanded. Putting in every extra second we had while on active duty and today we are serving more than 2000 veterans a year a crossed is great nation.

What started off as a simple idea to help veterans get outdoors has transformed into a lifestyle that the TFO nation lives and breathes daily. I myself am an avid outdoors-man and have been my whole life. From Fishing to big game and everything in between. My priority being waterfowl hunting. I love everything about the outdoors and most of all I like sharing it with people that have not yet found that passion or simply cannot afford to buy the equipment to get started. One thing I wanted to strive for when I built TFO was that I wanted it to be open to all veterans of all branches and backgrounds. I have seen too many great men and women left behind because they didn’t meet a certain criteria and I will not follow suit. If you served honorably you are my brother and sister. I do not care how long you served, what branch, what job, combat or garrison. Wounded or untouched. TFO is here for you and I am here for you! As for what I am doing now that I am out of the army well run TFO and I am a full time student at the Art institute of Seattle studying film production so that on day I can help tell the world about all the great men and women I’ve met along my journey.

Justin Clawson


My name is Justin Clawson. I was born in Gallup, New Mexico. I grew up hunting mule deer, elk, bear, and mountain lions. The only fishing I had done was trout and catfish.

I joined the U.S. Army in 2009 as a 13B cannon crew member. I have been stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Joint Base Lewis McCord, Washington and Fort Bliss Texas.

I joined The Fallen Outdoors in 2013 as a staffer. I learned quickly that my New Mexico style of hunting would not work in The Pacific Northwest. With the help of TFO and other staffers I became a more versatile hunter and angler. I have learned how to hunt waterfowl, new techniques to big game hunting, and was introduced to a new variety of fish through the help of TFO Staffers. The lessons I’ve learned and friendships I have made are simply amazing.

I was asked to fill the role of Secretary in 2014, a position that I took pride in. In 2019, it was an honor to be asked to fill the role of TFO President.

TFO is an extraordinary organization, that enables you to create friendships and family with everyone around. The look on a veterans face regardless if he/she is pulling in a bluegill, a monster king salmon, shooting prairie dogs, or scoring a 330” once in a life time bull elk, is all the same, JOY. This is what I love about The Fallen Outdoors, we get to have a positive impact on the lives of others. As our team grows and time moves forward I hope to keep this meaning of TFO, all while building on its great legacy.

Tim Adams

Vice President

My name is Tim Adams and I am currently the Vice president of The Fallen Outdoors. I am married to my wife Jody and have two children Timmy and Marissa. I was born at Castle AFB, Ca. as my dad was stationed there at the time.

I grew up in a small town in eastern Washington State called Medical Lake. I grew up hunting, fishing, camping, playing sports and enjoying the outdoors. After graduating from Medical Lake High School in 1986 I went on to play baseball at Spokane Falls Community College. I enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard in the summer of 1989.


After enlisting in the Coast Guard and after basic training I was stationed onboard the Coast Guard Cutter Decisive based out of St.Petersburg, Fl. After 20 months onboard I went off to Aviation Survival man/Helicopter Rescue Swimmer school and graduated in November of 1991. After graduation I spent the next 19 years in Puerto Rico, Astoria, Or.,Kodiak,Ak. and the Coast Guard Air Station Port Angeles, WA. Port Angeles is where I currently live and call home.

I have hunted and fished from Wyoming to Alaska and many places in between. I enjoy big game hunting as well as hunting waterfowl and upland birds. Most of the fishing I do is usually offshore or in the big rivers. I really enjoy taking youth and getting our Veterans back in the outdoors.

Justin Boardman

Vice President of Regional Manager

My Name is Justin Boardman, i currently live in Yelm Washington. I started my career in the Army as a young 17 year old from the great state of Wisconsin where i call home. I joined as an airborne infantryman where i served with the 82nd Airborne Division for 6 years before going going to Special Forces Assessment and Selection. I am currently still on Active duty as a Green Beret with 1st Special Forces Group. I’ve had the privilege to serve 4 combat tours to both theaters Iraq and Afghanistan amongst many other countries around the world and my plan is to call Washington home after i retire with my family. I am currently engaged to a beautiful woman Madison and we are excited to start a family and bring them up in the great outdoors.

I’ve had the honor and privilege to be apart of The Fallen Outdoors since 2012 when it was still a very small start and it has been amazing watching it grow to what it has become. I planted my first stake with TFO in the state of North Carolina while stationed there and I had the opportunity to move to where the epicenter of the organization is as we know exists in WA. Eric, Tim, myself and the whole board have a lot of history dating way back to the roots of this organization and we are devoted to our missions accomplishments. I myself have had the extreme privilege to take out and be apart of some life changing trips amongst our nations finest and it is humbling knowing that TFO has the current outreach it has. It is my upmost devotion to extend our extreme gratitude to our country’s veterans and i cannot wait to see what the future holds. As far as my outdoor niches, i hold myself as a very avid and successful waterfowl hunter and bow hunter for deer and elk and you will find a majority of the trips i host will fall into those categories. I am also and avid bass fisherman and plan on fishing more tournaments in the PNW to spread our name across the veteran community. I cannot say enough about the organization and what we stand for and i am proud to be apart of this team.

Branden Trager


My name is Branden Trager . I was born and raised in Chillicothe MO, where I hunted and fished with friends and family from the age of 10 tell I joined the Army at age 19. I have been Active Duty for the past 21 years, I have been stationed all over this great nation and I am proud to call the Pacific Northwest home. I have been stationed in Vancouver, WA for the past several years and plan to retire in the area. As Eric Bakken was transitioning out of the Army I was introduced to him and we became friends, since then we have worked to grow The Fallen Outdoors. The Fallen Outdoors has become a passion for me and gives the confidence that I will never loose my community of brothers and sisters in arms. I am an avid waterfowl hunter and fisherman, my greatest joy is bringing other Veterans along to experience the adventure of the hunt.


Shasta Morton


My name is Shasta Morton and I am currently the Secretary of The Fallen Outdoors. I am married to my husband Andrew and I have two kids of my own and two step-kids. My kids are Todd, Riley, Melissa and Matthew, where we reside in Washington State.

I was born in Sacramento California, where I grew up in a small town raised by my dad and grandparents in California called Mount Aukum. My Dad and Uncles are avid outdoorsmen where they pursued deer, turkey and fished a lot; I was raised hunting and fishing from a young age. I signed up and joined the Army Reserve in 2000, I attended Basic Training that summer before my senior year in High School where I went to Ft. Sill, OK. I graduated from Casa Roble Fundamental High School in Orangevale, Ca in 2001.

In 2004, I went Active duty where I attended AIT at Ft. Bliss, TX to be a 14J (Air Defense Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence Tactical Operations Center Enhanced Operator / Maintainer). Upon completion of AIT in 2005, I was stationed in Wackernheim, Germany where I was part of an Air Missile Defense Detachment for 1st Armor Division. In 2007 my unit was deployed to Iraq for 15 month rotation. In 2009, I moved to Ft. Lewis (JBLM) to be part of 5-5 ADA where I was a C4I operator. In 2010, 5-5 ADA deployed again to Iraq where I served another 12 month deployment. In 2013, I was honorably discharged from the army on a medical discharge. I currently live in Winlock, Washington.

I enjoy deer and elk hunting and fishing with my family and getting veterans back into the outdoors. Most of the fishing I have done has been on lakes and rivers. I do however enjoy going off shore to catch salmon. I have also fished in Florida for Tarpon and sharks.