Josh G. Testimonial

“My experience with The Fallen Outdoors organization was nothing short of phenomenal. I am a disabled vet with ALS, I have lost most strength in my arms and my walking had become rocket science. I posted on the Fallen outdoors fb page that I was interested in a duck hunt but had limitations that I needed to talk with someone about. Eric Bakken got ahold of me pretty quick and I had told him what my issues were. He was upfront and honest from the start told me that is wouldn’t be an ideal hunt due to the physical aspects of it. Eric had said he was going to talk with some other fallen outdoor staffers and see if he could get something set up for me. And I was couldn’t have been more anxious. Meeting someone for the first time is kind of strange and uneasy even for people who are outgoing. We had roughly a 2.5 hour drive to where we were hunting but seems like it was only minutes, conversation and stories made the trip fly by. By the time we finally made it to the area to launch the boat it felt like I had served with these guys for years. Conversation was easy, jokes were being exchanged back and forth couldn’t have more excited to spend the day with this group of guys. Made it out to the area to hunt, I was dropped off while they set up the decoys. Ducks were everywhere bluebills, and baffle heads mostly but the scene has been set and were all set up waiting for shooting time to come. After a few safety reminders it was time, first shot was out of my single shot 20g and it was a miss. No big deal it’s my first duck hunt ever and these birds are pretty fast. After about half a box of shells and encouragement from the guys, there was a single bluebill Drake coming in from left to right about 15 yds out I put my bead where I thought I should and squeezed the trigger. After seeing feathers and the bird hit the water finally I had shot my first duck. Excitement from the group erupted and high fives and smiles were in full order. A very successful hunt at the end if the day ended up with 17 birds. After many shots and sitting with this amazing group of guys it was like we were all lifelong friends. I still keep in contact with these guys just to stay in touch absolutely a blessing being able to do this hunt!

Fallen outdoors had given me an opportunity that I would not have been able to experience without them.

The Fallen outdoors is a community of selfless vets and active duty men and women who want to help others stay involved with the outdoors and each other. Constantly there are people wanting others to join them fishing from the shore, or others offering their own personal gear, boat, fuel, and time just to take a fellow vet out. For me personally it is the ultimate guide for America’s brave who enjoy the outdoors. Pro staffers in multiple states that offer different types of hunting and fishing opportunities.” – Josh G.