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Ruben G.

Ruben / Gianna Gomez (15 Yrs) April 14, 2017 Fort Leonard Wood , Missouri Being a father and new to turkey hunting, 2017 youth turkey season was approaching fast. Unable to put my daughter on a turkey the year before, I reached out and send a message through Facebook page requesting insight and information to… Continue Reading “Ruben G.”

Sam P.

“Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Phipps at the TFO booth at the Whitetail classic in St Charles Mo. I am a handicap Marine vet who loves to hunt every chance I get. Sam stepped up to help on a hunt at Clarence cannon wildlife refuge that I was drawn for. It was… Continue Reading “Sam P.”

Bill S.

I spent 6 years in the army and 25 years in law enforcement, as with many I carry the burden of having a lot of darkness come and go in my life. January of 2017, I was at one of the lowest points of my life, everything was rolling like a highlight reel from the… Continue Reading “Bill S.”

Josh G.

“My experience with The Fallen Outdoors organization was nothing short of phenomenal. I am a disabled vet with ALS, I have lost most strength in my arms and my walking had become rocket science. I posted on the Fallen outdoors fb page that I was interested in a duck hunt but had limitations that I… Continue Reading “Josh G.”

Jason D.

Last Saturday was the first time I have had the pleasure of fishing with Eli. I had a great time learning how to fly fish although aggravating at times it was a very rewarding experience. I enjoyed fishing new rivers with a great guy that knows a lot about fishing and enjoys sharing his knowledge… Continue Reading “Jason D.”