Sam P.

“Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Sam Phipps at the TFO booth at the Whitetail classic in St Charles Mo. I am a handicap Marine vet who loves to hunt every chance I get. Sam stepped up to help on a hunt at Clarence cannon wildlife refuge that I was drawn for. It was a tough 2 day hunt, especially with the way I was shooting that weekend. Sam did everything to see to it was a fun eventful time which payed off with the end results put 2 nice bodied deer in the Freezer. I fully recommend to any Veterans out there who would like to get out, whether it be hunting or fishing look these guys up they are truly dedicated to helping Veterans enjoy the outdoors. They are strictly non-profit group of hard-working individuals who volunteer their free time to help other service members . My experience was one I will never forget.” – Sam Phipps