Bill S.

I spent 6 years in the army and 25 years in law enforcement, as with many I carry the burden of having a lot of darkness come and go in my life. January of 2017, I was at one of the lowest points of my life, everything was rolling like a highlight reel from the worst horror movie. The weight was getting unbearable. I had been a member of TFO and was idle at best to be honest.. one day while visiting the page, I seen an opportunity for a dove hunt, which was one of the few passions that I had left, so I entered for an opportunity , I wasn’t initially drawn but a few days later a former soldier named Michael Osborne, a TFO pro staffer contacted me as he had hunter back out and asked if I wanted it, I jumped at that chance, the hunt was awesome, but little did he know, that day saved my life. I couldn’t see tomorrow back then, but that fellowship with brothers , realizing we all bare the scars of the world, sharing conversation, laughter and just making memories. The fallen outdoors is changing lives. I am “Living” proof!